Thursday, 25 July 2013

The lesson of life.

Sometime over a year ago, I read a friend's post on Facebook about this thought that the four years that we spend at college itself is like a lifetime. Like we're born when we enter the college in our first year and die on our graduation. The post spoke about some sentimental aspects to the end of college days, such as losing friends and acquaintances, but I'm not going to get into all that. Ever since I have read that post, this thought that the college life being a lifetime in itself has stuck to me and has since then lurked in the back of my mind. True to that, staying at hostel is a different experience that added to the unforgettable memories of the college 'life'.

My high school English professor, Mr. Rajendran once said in class that the best way to know about a person's character is to put him in a room where he is alone and free to do anything and observe his behaviour in there. Well, it made no difference to me at the time he said that and I never quite understood whatever that meant. Now about six years later that I have finished my college, those words seem to make much more sense to me. These four years of college, I was away from home, living in a different world in which I was left alone, free to make choices to live life the way I wanted to.

College and hostel life gives you wings and freedom. You could fly high and reach heights or fall for petty baits that could trap you forever and make you a live a low life. I do know and made friends with people who used to smoke, drink or even did dope. I still attribute much of my jolly good times spending with such friends, but that said, I simply did not fall for what they might consider fantasy.

This lifetime of college defines certain boundaries that are intangible, but can only be felt from within. You well know when you fall prey to such petty habits and cross the limits set by yourself. Being in a group where your peers are into such habits does not imply that you need to follow suit. It isn't a matter of pride or show off that you too can do it, but it is a matter of pride that you never got into it, although being a part of such a peer group. 

These days, when I'm asked by someone if I smoke or drink, or if I'm offered a complimentary cigarette, I politely decline the offer. When being asked for the reason, I would simply say, "Thanks, but I quit smoking about a year ago". If I'm persuaded further by a close friend, I'd say "Life has been great without them. I feel there's no reason to even try them out". In the four years of my college, I simply wasted the first, but I'm convinced that I spent the rest three years working hard to hone my skills. Whilst some of my friends were busy watching TV series and movies, I used to work on something till the wee hours of morning. These three years I consider not as hard work, but as an investment. An investment whose benefits that I am starting to reap now, getting offers from companies and turning them down and choosing a workplace where I like to work.

I am a staunch believer of the saying that the years you spend at your college determine your career, character and your life on the whole. Well hey, I don't say that it's bad to get under such influence, but I'm just against to say that it should not change the course of your life. Sometimes, prevention is just better. Most of my friends say that they have tried their hand at smoking once, just for the feel it. I appreciate that you shouldn't leave any stones unturned. But then, make sure that the habit doesn't stick on to you. Whenever I see someone smoking beside me, I just tell myself "Look at this faggot. He just blew a day off his life". Please understand, that there's nothing cool or hip about it. 

My Chemistry Professor, Mr. Vallabhan in my 12th grade once told the class - "There are only two significant days in a man's life. The day when he was born, and the day when he shows why he was born". Although I didn't make it big in my academics, I'm convinced that I've made some considerable achievements in my love and passion for design and development of applications. I would also go as far as saying that I've made the best possible use of my college life than most of the others. I have a good network of friends, acquaintances and seniors who have guided and continue to guide me to what I want to become. My hard work and efforts at college and what I am so far can be found here.

Thus, as I would like to point out, these are some of the lessons that life teaches you. Learning from others' mistakes is better than learning them from your own. Always, the best way to mitigate or deal with a crisis is to avoid it in the first place.

Last week, at my office, a colleague of mine was walking past me and he suddenly stopped by for a moment. He took a glance at my laptop's screen and asked, "What is that you're chanting?"

"That's Shiva Thandava Stotram", I replied.

"Wow, you do this stuff daily? How did the guys spare a person like you at your college and hostel?", he asked.

"That's where I learnt it", I replied. Boy, you should have seen that proud look on my face after telling that!


Anjana Jram said...

Classic brother i am inspired by u :) <3

Amrutha said...

Beautifully written bro :)

Maanasa Dhotrekar said...

beautiful... its quite difficult to find clear headed and focused people like you! hats off for this blog. finally, u hit d bulls eye. no antisocial element viz; smoke, alcohol or dope is cool!
best wishes...

Uma Rao said...

Excellent. Your english is so simple and perfect to understand. All youngsters will think twice after reading your blog. Life has taught you very well. God bless you my child. All the best

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