Friday, 11 November 2011

The overflowing bucket list !

Successive posts in a very short span of time - looks like I have a lot of time to spare. This time I'm back again with another post, with a never ending list of things I'd want to do before I die. So here goes my bucket list, scribbled in no particular order, except the first one ;)

  • Marry. Obviously a girl, who is more beautiful on the inside than on the outside.
  • Become a successful designer.
  • Build and establish my own online empire.
  • Write my own autobiography (idhu too much, it won't hurt when I turn 60)
  • Become a successful entrepreneur by establishing a chain of coffee-shops and restaurants in collaboration with my cousins Ganesh and Vandhana.
  • Buy back my Grandfather's old house, which I'm told that it was sold due to a financial crunch in the seventies.
  •  Look around in my neighborhood and bring at least 10 businesses online, that currently work and depend on their offline income/strategies.
  • Educate at least 10 underprivileged Indians about computers, internet and stuff.
  • Provide job opportunities to unfortunate friends and relatives who aren't financially sound.
  • Go abroad for a holiday, probably for honeymoon ! 
  • Convince my mom to get herself a Facebook account !
  • Act as a responsible social citizen and play my part in making India a better place to live.
  • Write my own fiction novel(s).
  • Open up a small playschool, for which my wife-to-be would make the cutest school principal.
  • Revive the tradition of the joint family system and bring all my relatives together to live at one place.
  • Visit Delhi and meet all my childhood friends.
  • Visit all the schools that I've studied in and go to each of the classrooms in the respective schools and sit on the benches where I usually used to sit.
  • Help at least 10 differently abled come up in life.
  • Own a Royal Enfield and ride it all the way from Chennai to my University. 

It isn't easy to do all of this, but I'm pretty sure I can get most of this done. Furthermore, I'm already on my way to some of them (definitely not for the first one). Like, I have already developed/designed some web portals which have contributed towards my portfolio. As a responsible citizen, I make sure that I don't litter at public places and adhere to traffic rules, which I am really serious about. I turn off the ignition while waiting at traffic signals and at times, make a friendly gesture to anyone standing beside to turn off theirs too. 

Last, but not the least, add one more to the list, which sees quite impossible: 
  • Find Jaisy K. (If you don't get who this person is, you probably need to read one of my previous posts)!
Will update this list very frequently, given the uber-crazy nature of my mind. And yes, I'll be back to trouble you to read it again once I update.


Sanjeev Gopinath said...

Nice list. Keep up your ambitions!

Ash- Dream a dream that never dies said...

"Open up a small playschool, for which my wife-to-be would make the cutest school principal" ROFL. nice aim :D i m sure the wife-to-be will be happy :P
and outline of novel ?? do elaborate on that.

Gautam Krishnan said...

@Sanjeev Anna - Thank you so much ! It's great to know that you read my posts ! :)

@Ash - LOL .. Thanks ! I will surely tell you more on the novel thingy, but not here ! :D

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