Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Congratulations to me, I just screwed up my Computer Networks examination today. FYI, my 2nd mid-semester exams going on and I have no clue how this strange incident happened today. Almost every time I sleep I dream. But the dreams have never been strange or never looked real. They are always about some incident happened previously or regarding something I've spoken about to someone or thought about on the same day. It is never surprising that you have a dream that is about your day-to-day activities. I would like to go a step ahead and say, that when I have some free time during my class hours, or during the break, I sometimes sleep for about ten to fifteen minutes. Even in such short span of sleep, it's very common for me to dream. But the dream that I had today was very strange. It seemed so close to reality. And this is what exactly happened:

I was studying till 1.15 am this morning and felt really sleepy. I went to bed and played a game or two of Solitaire on my mobile phone. I remember I last checked the time before I fell asleep. It was 1.37 am. I am supposed to wake up and study for today's exam. How cool. I slept almost immediately and I had this weirdest dream.

It was like I spent about two to three months in the dream. No kidding, it went on this way: It started with me being at college and my usual college routine. I woke up every morning at 6.30 or 7 am and attended classes. Everything had so much detail in it. The people and things I interacted with, the way they interacted back, the things I saw, and everything else was so real. After spending many days at college, I even saw myself leaving for home for the holidays and spending my days at home. I even remember going out for shopping and spending days at my cousin Ganesh's house, the night show movies we went. I finally returned back to my college and even remember preparing for the exams. I don't remember if they were my mid-semester exams or the semester exams. I can even vaguely remember that my mom called me up for every exam and wished me all the best.

I suddenly woke up and checked the time. It was 3.42 am and I had thoughts that I had bunked the exam. I even thought that my semester exams were over and I'm gonna get severely screwed up. I felt panic trying to imagine how many times my parents would have called me in those two to three months and what my friends would think about me when I show up after two months of simply disappearing somewhere. Strange thoughts started flowing in my mind that there's a parallel world where I went to and I'm struck between these two worlds. All these thoughts occupied my mind for the 20-30 seconds after waking up. Just later, I realized that it was only about two hours since I slept and the thoughts along with the dream started fading away. But believe me, for that momentary period of time, I remembered the dream in so much detail and the description that I've given in the above paragraph is not even a fraction of it. Now, my question is, how can anyone dream with so much detail in respect to the objects and events happening in the dream? I know people who've seen vampires, and other scary creatures. I even know people who have dreamed of being killed. It's really common that I've seen people who have had a dream that is even more strange and who have a habit of talking. But what I experienced today was nothing of this sort. It was just a perfectly normal dream, and I lived every second of that dream for more than two months. How could this ever happen? Has anything of this sort happened to you or anyone you know? If so, please let me know! I'm really puzzled over this and want to know if I possess any superpowers! :P


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