Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Not another "Hello World"!

No. Not again. Numerous attempts in the past have failed, but I'm not gonna give up on this one. Since 2007, when I was fifteen, I came across the word 'Blog'. I hastily searched google for what the word meant. Soon, I found out that blogs were a way by which people expressed their ideas freely, to a handsome number of audience. So, at the age of fifteen, I started one on my own, but had nothing to write about. I made a post or two, but my interest met a grave end due to the lack of content to blog about. Successive attempts were made to replenish my spirit of blogging, only in vain. The only reason was perhaps my monotonous schedule, something that made life stagnant, or maybe nothing struck me that could be blogged about.

Today, I feel that there's a lot that's to be written as a blog, epecially those random thoughts and ideas that come to my mind every now and then and fade into nothingness in a day or two. I may have written many "Hello world" posts in the blogs that I had previously, but I bet nothing was even as long as this one. Moreover, I wanna open up to the world, reach out to people, to make myself clear, about where I've headed towards.

This post shall mark the dawn of a new era in my life, the era of recording my memories, that are exactly heartfelt. I may not be someone great, whose posts are followed by hundred or thousands, but it does give me an opportunity to express myself, a platform that's like nothing else.

Miles to go before I sleep!


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